Craighead Forest Park  |  October 6, 2019


This event is one of a kind that will consist of 30 minute intervals for 6 hours. Participants will run a 2.5 mile loop every 30 minutes. The challenge is designed to encourage participants to achieve a distance they may not think they could do and to push themselves to do more than thought possible. You may run one loop, 2.5 miles, or as many as you can in 6 hours up to 30 miles! 


Example: If you complete the 2.5 mile course in 25 minutes, you get a 5 minute rest before the next 30 minute interval begins. If you don’t make the 30 minute cut off you will have to wait until the next half hour to start your next lap.  


All participants must start at 7 a.m., you may run as many laps as you feel comfortable, then leave and come back later in the day to run a few more laps during the 6 hour time limit. 

All participants will receive a pullover from The North Face. You'll also be eligible to win many prizes throughout the day!

The Gearhead Endurance Challenge is part of the Get in Gear Fitness Series presented by Gearhead Outfitters, St. Bernards, and Arkansas State University. For more information on the series visit




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